President Bagtang Attends Quality Assurance Conclave for Higher Education Leaders

The Commission on Higher Education hosted a Quality Assurance Conclave for Higher Education Leaders today, May 13, 2024, at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

The gathering brought together respected figures from the academe to delve into critical topics shaping the landscape of tertiary education quality and future trends.

The conclave commenced with ATTY. CINDERELLA FILIPINA S. BENITEZ-JARO, the Executive Director of CHED, who highlighted the evolving role of quality assurance in Philippine higher education.

The first plenary session with the theme, "Global Perspectives on Quality Tertiary Higher Education," featured insights from distinguished speakers:

DR. GAEL MCDONALD, Senior Director of Higher Education Institutional Development at the University Design Institute (UDI), Arizona State University, shared international perspectives on advancing educational quality.

DR. KRITSACHAI SOMSAMAN, Director of SEAMEO STEM Education (Thailand), provided unique perspectives on educational standards from a Southeast Asian viewpoint.

PROF. LILIAN A. DE LAS LLAGAS, former Commissioner of CHED and Adjunct Professor in Public Health at the University of the Philippines-Manila, discussed challenges and opportunities in raising academic standards.

The second plenary session, "Reinventing Higher Education and Emerging Global Trends," delved into future directions for education and workforce dynamics:

DR. RAFAELITA M. ALDABA, Undersecretary of the Department of Trade and Industry, emphasized competitiveness and innovation as key drivers of educational evolution.

MR. ALFREDO I. AYALA, a member of the Private Sector Advisory Council, and MR. SHERWIN M. PELAYO, Executive Director of the Analytics & AI Association of the Philippines, explored the intersection of education and industry needs in a rapidly changing global economy.

The conclave concluded with a panel discussion on "Government-Academe Industry Upskilling: Partnership for Sustainability in Higher Education," featuring insights from:

DR. TIRSO A. RONQUILLO, President of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC),

DR. MANUEL M. MUHI, President of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP),

DR. REYNALDO B. VEA, CEO of iPeople, and

MS. FRANKIE ANTOLIN, Executive Director for Talent Development at the IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines.

The dialogue emphasized the critical role of collaborative efforts in the academe in upskilling the future workforce.

The conclave provided a platform for robust discussions and actionable insights to traverse the evolving landscape of higher education quality and sustainability.

In an interview, President Eduardo T. Bagtang shared that the Quality Assurance Conclave stands as evidence on the commitment of higher education leaders in advancing educational excellence and preparing learners for the challenges of tomorrow's global economy. “The topics discussed are mainly focused on the trends expected in higher education.” He added.