KSU Employees Receive Certificate of Recognition for Exemplary Integrity and Service

In a commendable display of integrity and dedication to service, two Kalinga State University (KSU) employees were recently awarded with Certificate of Recognition and rewarded under the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE), chaired by the Vice President for Administration and Finance, Dr. Joy Grace P. Doctor. Ariel Cabanilla Aplod and Ms. Virginia Kiley Cadamos were honored for their outstanding acts of honesty and commitment to the university's core values.

Ariel Cabanilla Aplod, a roving guard, was lauded for his exceptional honesty in returning a misplaced vivo V29 smartphone belonging to Mr. Jonathan Obal. During his duty rounds, Aplod discovered the device and promptly ensured its safe return to its rightful owner. His integrity and conscientiousness exemplify the university's ethos of responsibility and service.

Similarly, Ms. Virginia Kiley Cadamos, a utility worker, demonstrated the same when she recovered a lost wallet containing essential items like an ATM card and cash, belonging to John Dekker Duguiang. Cadamos's prompt action and honesty in returning the wallet underscore the university's commitment to fostering a strong sense of service-oriented behavior among its staff.

These acts of integrity and service are not only commendable but also set a shining example for others to follow. They reinforce the importance of upholding ethical standards and embodying the values that KSU strives to instill in its community.

In honoring Aplod and Cadamos, KSU acknowledges the significance of these actions beyond their immediate impact. They serve as reminders of the positive impact that integrity and commitment can have on fostering a supportive and responsible university environment. These individuals' actions serve as beacons of inspiration, encouraging all members of the university to emulate their dedication to service and ethical conduct.