Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives


Vision of the Institution


A Knowledge and Technology Hub in Asia-Pacific Region


Mission of the Institution


Kalinga State University shall primarily provide higher and advanced education, professional instruction and training in the arts, agriculture, forestry, social and natural sciences and technology, and other relevant fields of study. It shall also promote and undertake research and extension services, and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.


Core Values


In order to attain its vision-mission, KSU shall adhere always to Good Governance in all its endeavors, treat all its clienteles and employees with Kindness and Compassion, promote Strong Sense of Service Orientedness and Commitment to foster Unity and love for Nature and Humanity.


Goal of the Academic Unit


To produce competent graduates who will be God-fearing, effective individuals and leaders equipped with critical and decision-making skills.


Objectives/Outcomes of the BA Political Science Program


  1. Train students in the language, theories and methodologies specific to the discipline;
  2. Expose the students to the current developments in each Political Science subfields;
  3. Equip the students with the necessary skills for Political and policy analysis and enable them to craft the necessary interventions to bring forth desired political changes.