Programs Offered


        As the academic core of the Kalinga State University, College of Liberal Arts fosters educational excellence intellectual inquiry, discovery and unmatched access through our three (3) unique degree programs in the social sciences and humanities.

      The College has 98 undergraduate majors in English Language, in History and in Political Science housed in three (3) departments. We encourage our students to pioneer solutions to society’s most pressing issues. 

A. Bachelor of Arts in History Program

    Objectives of the AB History Program

           1. Provide knowledge in history that is responsive to local, national and international development needs and challengers.

           2. To train students to have strong sense of nationalism and to become dedicated advocates of peace , justice, democracy, human rights dignity and truth

           3. to develop appropriate skills and abilities inthe field of historical research.


B. Bachelor of Arts in English Language Program

    Objectives of the English Program:

          1.      To improve the quality of English Instruction across educational level

          2.      To upgrade competencies in the use of English as a medium of instruction.

         3.      To keep abreast with the developments, current research findings, issues and directions in language   learning and teaching.

         4.      To conduct research on language education, evaluation of materials and language testing.

         5.      To develop; leadership in the area of Language education.


C. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

      Objectives of the Political Science Program:


          1. To train students in the language, theories and methodologies specific to the discipline.

          2. To expose the students to the current developments in each of the Political Science subfields. 

          3. To equip the students with the necessary skills for political and policy analysis and enable them to craft necessary achievements to bring forth desired political                 changes.